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Mage: the Ascension

Open Your Eyes and Awaken

The Ascension War has changed. It is a different war now. Most people say the Technocracy has already won. This may be true. But there are those who still fight. Not with gun and fireball, but with underground movements of culture and faith.

The Technocracy controls the Masses. But the world is not yet theirs. The Traditions have retreated into the shadows. But they have not yet been brought to heel.

This is the new face of the Ascension War.

The Technocracy controls the world you live in. The spirit worlds are in chaos and the old Masters are gone. Humanity believes what you do is impossible. Most of your fellows would brand you as mad should you try to bring them into your world. You are alone...

... or are you?

Los Angeles holds a special place for the Traditions. Here, the New Horizon Council met to reforge the shattered Traditions into something that might survive the hard times ahead. Though the Council has moved on, the city has become a symbol. An icon. Los Angeles is the New Horizon. It is a bastion of hope in a dying world. And since then, mages of all stripes have flocked there in the hopes of finding a place where magic might yet thrive.

An alliance of chantries and cabals, headed by a body called the Unity Council, stretches across the city, creating an underground network where magic still lives in the shadows that the lights of Los Angeles don't touch.

You need not be alone.

You hold the world in your hand. Most people say that, but few people mean it. For you, this is not hyperbole, it is truth. The world is yours.

But what now?

Control, the guiding hand that has pushed the Technocracy toward a unified goal, has vanished. The Technocracy is left without direction. The Pogrom has lost a great deal of its power as the new leaders try to focus their efforts inward to maintain stability, but the bad taste of death and war still lingers.

Is that the world you would create? You cannot deny the necessity at the time, but is that the future you envision when you imagine shaping the world in your image? The power to decide what happens now is yours.

Los Angeles has long been a thorn in the sides of the Technocracy. Though they took the city itself long ago, the reality deviants held strong against them. It is a place that catalyzes change. A land of wonder and imagination.

A place where the future is not yet certain. Now is the time to decide.

Most people overlook you. You know the truth. You live the life of magic and power. You are free to shape the world without fear of the Paradox that plagues your awakened brethren. And yet you are often considered to be somehow "less." This is wrong.

You matter.

Sorcerers and psychics have moved among the magical world for centuries. They walk in the same circles as the Traditions. They work in the halls of the Technocracy. They form their own secret societies and magical orders. And yet they are often dismissed.

In Los Angeles, the sorcerer or psychic may find a place where his power will grow beyond the constraints often placed upon him by his "status" in the world.

It's time to stand up and matter.

"Christeos drilpa moz dlugar de priazi ds aai ge."

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