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General Setting

The Wyld Storm is still dying down in the Umbra, causing a flow of creativity and mad prophets into the city. Hollywood is producing some of its best work in decades but the spirit worlds are still a dangerous place. Travelers have been known to disapear for days and even weeks, often returning with wild tales of strange parallel worlds or never returning at all. People from all over the world found themselves stranded in the city, with no clear memory of how they got here or why. Even stranger, some of them confess to strange changes in their powers, or even in their bodies and most frighteningly memories... Some swear they have always been here, and after the first few days, protests and denials seem to die off as other people begin to remember them. Strange creatures and bygones breach the Gauntlet on occassion when the Wyld Storm weakens it too much and do varying amounts of damage before they either fade away or are contained. Among the mortals, the breakdown in control is more than apparent. Los Angeles has always had a notortiously inefficient police force and bureaucracy, but in the wake of the Devil's Night earthquake and riots, this had proven to be even more the case. Slow response times, uncaring officers and unsolved cases are the norm for the justice system. Hospitals are more often than not overworked and underfunded. And city officials typically care little for the needs of the city, especially when their own interests conflict. The Concordance of Shadows strains a little more each night... In the world of Darkness, Los Angeles is a City of Dreams... all of them, especially the bad ones.

The Umbra:
The spiritual side of Los Angeles is unlike anything one would expect to find. The Wyld Storm still blows and acts of chaos are still an every day event in the spirit lands, though it's not as common for these acts of chaos to force themselves into the physical world anymore. It isn't advised for anyone to be too reliant on fetishes of various sorts while in the spirit lands. While the bonds that keep them in place are stable again, when the Wyld Storm picks up, it still has a habit of freeing the trapped spirits and making the fetishes they're bound in useless. Don't expect to stay too attached to your fetishes if you're careless in the Umbra. What's more, the spirit residents of the Umbra are a collection of one of the most varied types of spirits one can find. Los Angeles has always been a remarkably Wyld (Dynamic) city, with nature spirits roaming the park areas and along the beaches and borders of the city, and with the Wyld Storm's presence, that has only increased. Though naturally, one cannot have a city without the usual collection of Weaver (Statis) and Wyrm (Entropic) spirits populating the more clearly urban and more clearly polluted and run down areas of town respectively. What may be most surprising however is the presence of Eastern spirits, brought to the city because of the presence of the various Eastern shen, within the Los Angeles Umbra, especially in the areas of Chinatown and Little Tokyo. Asian spirits can be found roaming the suburb streets and even venturing out into the rest of the city at times. What's more, as evidenced by the fact that Kuei-jin are actually being reborn in California now for the first time ever, the hell worlds of Yomi can be accessed from the Los Angeles Umbra. Again, the connections to the hell lands are stronger in Chinatown and Little Asia, though they exist throughout the city.

Where the Umbra may be vibrant and thriving, the Shadowlands (or Low Umbra, Dark Umbra or Yin World) is very much a desolate realm of spiritual ruins. Maelstrom winds still blow across the soot-grey sky and occasional storms still sweep through the barren wasteland. Innumberable spectres can still be found roaming in the broken rubble and roving packs of them can make an interloper's life very unpleasant if they get caught unawares. What's perhaps most startling in the Deadlands are the presence of spectral hives that are being formed in some of the still standing structures of the city, especially in the more violent and "death-friendly" parts of town.

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"Christeos drilpa moz dlugar de priazi ds aai ge."

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