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Vampire: the Masquerade

A Beast I Am, Lest a Beast I Become

Los Angeles, jeweled city of the American west coast. Seat of the world's entertainment industry, economic powerhouse, and epicenter of cultural innovations. Where garish neon lights illuminate classic architecture of the 1920's, and chrome and glass towers rise like giants beside the crumbling concrete of the projects. A city of extremes and opposites, where old dreams persist against the tide of new ideas.

The newest and brightest feather in the cap of the Camarilla.

After seventy years of strife, revolution, and warfare, the city of Los Angeles has finally been brought into the Tower of the Camarilla. A new prince oversees this treasure, and strives to secure lasting stability for her domain.

Although it has been captured, it remains to be seen if Los Angeles can be tamed by the Camarilla, however. Its history and traditions are deeply carved into the towers and hills of the city, and grudges and desires smolder in the hearts of immortals. Staunch Camarilla traditionalists, Anarch holdouts, Independents with agendas and even the scattered remnants of the New Promise Mandarinate rub elbows in the night, and tensions run high, even as the lupines howl in the city's heart and hunters set flame to havens.

The old order is dead, but how long can the new order fill its place?

To understand that, we need to start at the beginning...

The Camarilla

Los Angeles belongs to the Camarilla. That statement looks good on paper, but the road to making that statement a reality is only just beginning.

Los Angeles is still a city under siege and everyone in the city knows it. Venture outside the Downtown area and a Camarilla Kindred is entering Anarch territory. If the Baron in question is friendly, that's not necessarily a problem.

If the Baron's not friendly... Well you're probably gonna have a bad night.

The Ivory Tower's got a lot of work ahead of it to fully claim the City of Angels and a lot of trouble ahead of it that it will still have to weather if it hopes to survive.

The Anarchs

The Anarch Free States were once the feather in the cap of the Anarch Kindred. They were a sign that the Camarilla was not all powerful and the Anarchs were capable of standing on their own.

They were fractuous, chaotic and ultimately rife with upheaval and violence. They didn't live up to the expectations of the Kindred who formed them. Many said they were doomed to failure from the beginning.

But they were FREE.

Now the Free States have fallen. But does that mean the dream has to die? Los Angeles has been the home of the Anarchs for almost seventy years and if you think a bunch of Camarilla nesting Downtown are going to change that, then you're just as stupid as they are.

The Sabbat

There are no Sabbat in Los Angeles. They were driven out after the Second Siege.

There are no Sabbat in Los Angeles. The Blood Brother Bishop is dead.

There are no Sabbat in Los Angeles. Mohammed al-Muthlim fled in defeat.

There are no Sabbat in Los Angeles... Just keep telling yourself that.

One night it might actually be true...

Where there ARE Sabbat is San Diego. Once a Camarilla stronghold, and the only one to survive the Cathayan invasion heavily intact, it has fallen instead to the Sword of Caine...

The Independents

You think the game's that simple? The Camarilla and the Anarch fighting for control of the city as if they're the only ones in town who matter? Two sides struggling back and forth to figure out who's the ultimate winner?

That's not even how the game's played.

It's not about who wins and loses control of the city. It's about who benefits the most from the struggle. It's about what goes on between the cracks and in the shadows. About the places neither side bothers to look while they're focused on each other.

The real winner's not the last one standing. It's the one who made a bundle betting on the fight.

The Kuei-jin

Once the crown jewel of the New Promise Mandarinate and the Quincunx's Great Leap Outward, Los Angeles has slipped from their grasp. But the Quincunx keeps watch as the Camarilla takes its turn in attempting to tame the wild city, as do Wan Kuei from many other courts.

"Christeos drilpa moz dlugar de priazi ds aai ge."

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