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Code of Conduct
Welcome to City of Angels, where you can play with other like-minded (and unlike-minded) individuals using the old World of Darkness game systems. This site is open to anyone who wishes to play those systems and by submitting a character and logging into the chats to play, you hereby agree to abide by the terms of service that entails.

Terms of Service:

Now, we all know there's a difference between Out of Character interaction and In Character interaction. These rules are meant to apply to Out of Character interaction. Afterall, when In Character, you are playing a role, interacting with other players playing roles and pretending to be people they really aren't, much like actors in a movie. Afterall, just because Anthony Hopkins plays a cannibal in a movie, that doesn't mean he enjoys the taste of liver with fava beans and chianti. However, this isn't an excuse to use In Character interaction to skirt the rules of the terms of service. If Admin decide that you are using In Character interaction for that purpose, action will be taken as if the rules were violated Out of Character.

If you really WANT to be banned from the site, the following will definately accomplish that:
-Racist remarks
-Excessive profanity
-Sexual harassment
-Religious persecution
-Remarks that serve no substantial purpose other than to antagonize another person
-Bigoted remarks
-Soliciting or advertising of any kind
-Posting personal information without the express permission of the subject
-Posting false information. Opinions are welcome but lies about facts are libelous
-Posts that contain sexually explicit language
-Posts that are designed to cause some technical problem for the system
-Posts that seem specifically designed just to test the limits of what is not offensive and seem to serve no other purpose
-Any other post that shall, at the sole discretion of the Administration, be deemed offensive
-Posting links to locations which violate any of the use terms

We as the Administration are not required to give prior notice to a player that his login priveledges have been removed if the player has been offensive and routinely violated the terms of service.

And please remember... this is a game. It's acting. You're not really a vampire. You're not a demon. You're not a werewolf. If you intend to use our site to create real world complications for someone, then please... log off the computer... take a break... and maybe even seek some psychiatric help. For the rest of you who are for the most part sane (at least averagely so), please, login, submit a character, and enjoy the game.

Code of Conduct:

When playing in the chat rooms we've provided, we expect for you to follow the Player Code of Conduct. By logging into the chats and playing a character, you hereby agree to abide by the Code and all the concepts contained herein.

If you find that someone is in violation of the Code of Conduct (whether they be player, storyteller, or Administration) please contact the appropriate storyteller, or email the Administration directly at CoAAD@yahoogroups.com.

1) No lying or cheating. Be honest about what's going on. That means your sheet stats, your dice rolls, and adhering to any and all decisions made by ASTs/HSTs/and Admin. If you're told that you made a mistake and you really did, then please acknowledge you were wrong, go on and get over it. If you -really- need to push the issue, then please go to a higher power like an ST or Admin to arbitrate a decision for you. When they give their decision, we expect you to abide by it.

2) Do not be discourteous to other players. You're not expected to agree with everyone, and you're not expected to interact with every single person on the chat, but you will treat other people with courtesy and respect. If someone treats you discourteously, then we expect you to take the higher road and be courteous in return. We expect for you to be the mature one and leave the immature player to get in trouble all on their own. Also as a courtesy to players in the chats, please refrain from too much OOC conversation in the IC rooms. Too much player to player chatter disrupts the flow and rythmn of the IC interaction. Please don't do it. If you have to talk to another player, then please, take it to PM's or one of the many IM's out there for you to use, or even into the OOC room.

3) When making a decision IC, Storytellers and their Assistants have the final say over disputed matters. If it really becomes an issue, then the Administration can step in and either reinforce or overrule a particular ST's ruling with a majority vote. No single Administrator will ever make a decision on their own. The firing and hiring of staff, the arbitration or decisions and other Admin activities are all a joint venture and require a majority vote of the Admin staff. -However-... Administrators should only be called upon to arbitrate ruling decisions as a last resort. If the Administrators actually do have to step in, any decision they make (whether in favor of the ST's, or to overturn them) are final and binding. Forcing the Admin to step in is truly a last resort. And unless the ST has clearly violated the Code of Conduct, Terms of Service, or otherwise overstepped their bounds, the Admin are more likely to side with the ST's than overturn one of their decisions.

4) There will be no sexual harassment, racial slurs/bigotry, or other such actions. You see that list under the Terms of Service... the things to do if you WANT to get banned... yeah... don't do it. Remember, there's a difference in doing this IC and doing it OOC, but if it becomes a disruptive problem, your characters -WILL- be desanctioned and removed from the chat. There will be no appeal for violations of this sort since they clearly violate the Terms of Service above.

5) NO, absolutely no, public cyber sex or rape of any sort, either IC or OOC. What you play in the privacy of your own IM's or own venues is your own business, but do NOT under any circumstances take it to the chat. Demanding or coercing someone into a cyber sex/rape scene against the will of the players, even on IM's or a private venue related to the chat, will automatically result in automatic and permanent desanctioning. Please respect others when it comes to these types of scenes. If they must be put into a plot or scene, a "fade to black" method can never be used too often. But again... we can't stress this enough... even if both parties are fully consenting OOC, do NOT take this into the public chat rooms to be played out.

6) Keep IC and OOC seperate. Your characters aren't required to get along with everyone. You aren't expected to get along with every player. But keep the two seperate. If you don't get along with a player, don't necessarily hold that against their characters. You aren't required to interact with them, but don't lead a witch hunt against their characters either. And this goes the other way. Just because you don't like someone's character, do not hold it against the player and give the player the benefit of the doubt and treat them with the respect they deserve. On the flip side of the coin, if someone's character does not like your character, do not take it personally and think that the player does not like you as a player. Let's all be mature about this and remember all that talk of acting I've gone over many times already.

7) Respect other people's enjoyment of the game. Do not go around randomly killing off another player's characters. You may not be emotionally attached to your characters, but some people might be. A good way to make enemies in the chat is to randomly kill off a PC. Now this doesn't mean you can't defend yourself. If someone decides they want to attack you without consulting with you the player beforehand to establish ground rules, by all means, you're free to use "lethal force" to defend yourself and if that ends with the attacker's death, then that is the attacker's own fault for risking their character. If they happen to have been emotionally attached to their character, then they were also the one who caused their death. -However-, with that in mind, please go out of your way to establish ground rules before any combat begins. Establish if it's going to be lethal or non-lethal and any other important things to pinpoint specifically. This goes for ST's and players both. During plots, they are by default considered to be "potentially lethal"... meaning you will most likely survive but if you do something stupid (read: jump out in front of the big semi-truck the BSD is driving and expect to stop it bare handed, or try to single handedly take on a Methuselah because you have kewl Potence powerz) then you can expect a -very- lethal result for your character. If an ST is running a plot that is purely non-lethal or purely lethal, it is their responsibility to point this out beforehand, otherwise it will default to potentially lethal.

8) Please be patient with ST's. There are only so many people who hold the title of ST and there are only so many things that they can do at one time. Do not expect to get a submission approval or an xp request approval immediately after you submit the request or sheet. If you somehow do get these responses immediately, then count your lucky stars, mark the day on the calendar and be on the look out for the locust swarms, the rain of frogs and the final eclipse that also signal the end of the world. If you feel that a request of this sort is taking too long to get a response (read: more than a week or so), then send a polite email to the ST to make sure that they got the request, sheet or email. If this still doesn't get a response, then you can try the Administration and they may explain what is keeping the ST. If you have simply a general question though, remember that it never hurt to ask another player. Sometimes players know what you're asking for. Lastly, you will NOT interrupt an ST while they are playing unless it is an emergency. ST's are players too and sometimes they need to take a break, relax and play a little IC just like you do. Please try to respect that and give them their time to unwind without being asked questions every time they log in.

9) Also, be patient with other players. Not everyone is the best roleplayer and not everyone has the best typing skills or linguistic skills. With that in mind, please be patient and try to work with a player who may not be used to the online setting or may not be the best at getting their ideas across. If someone is confused about rules or books, again, try to be patient and help work out the issues. If you can't do it yourself, that's what the ST's are there for. Try to get in touch with an ST to explain the rules again for the player. If someone is being deliberately rude and abusive however, you do not have to take such behavior. Feel free to report them to the ST's for their behavior and something may result of that. However, make sure that you know the difference between being deliberately abusive, and not knowing any better. Correct their ignorance first, afterwards their ignorance is no longer an excuse.

10) While ST's are allowed to play characters in their own venues at their own discretion, they will not under any circumstances approve their own sheets, approve their own xp requests or any other such things which reeks of abuse of power. If you play a character in your own venue, the sheet is submitted to the next highest person in power. If you are an AST, submit your sheet to your HST. If you are an HST, submit your sheet to an Admin for approval. If you are also an Admin already, it falls on the decision of at least TWO other Admin to get a sheet approved and playable. The same system is applied to the approval of requested xp spending. In this way, no one is ever in charge of their own characters. Anyone caught either abusing or disregarding this system will face disciplinary action as decided upon by the Admin as a whole. Naturally, this applies to PC's. ST's are free to do as they will with the creation of their NPC's and NPC's don't gain xp regularly.

11) Most important rule of all... the one we absolutely cannot live without... the very crux of the site... the last but certainly not least... saved the best for last you know... *smacks the broken record to get to the point* HAVE FUN!! It's a game. Yes, it's a life consuming, important, emotionally deep game... but it's still a game. Create engaging characters, participate in plots and be a part of the setting, but always remember, that this is a game. It's about the fun you have while interacting with the other players.

Disciplinary Action:

For minor offenses like lying to an ST once, verbally abusing a player or ST in a scene or any other offense deemed to be minor, the punishment will consist of docking the character's xp for a variable amount (usually 5 - 10 xp depending on severity of minor offense).

For major offenses like chronic lying, consistant verbal abuse, OOC harrassment, cyber sex in the chat or any other offense deemed by the powers that be to be a major offense, the punishment will be a period of being banned from the chat and/or desanctioning of the character involved. In some instances this could also involve an xp reduction or in some cases even total loss of a character's xp. If an offense is particularly heinous, it is possible for a player to recieve a complete and total site ban from the chat, site, forums and every other element associated with the chat and the complete desanctioning of all characters.

"Christeos drilpa moz dlugar de priazi ds aai ge."

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