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Movies and Fun for the Family
Posted by Vil on Thursday 20 October 2016 - 00:57:15
by StayAtHomeMom112@tmail.org

This citizen is concerned with the apathy of younger generations concerning the world around them. Teens and young adults are more disconnected from their peers than in previous generations. Events and forms of entertainment that encourage activity and cooperation are not only good, but necessary. This is why I've supported games like Pokemon Go, despite having no interest in Pokemon. It's why I like when ComicCon comes to down, despite having no fondness for comic books.
That's why I was excited, when I learned about the next round of shooting for the latest Execution Force movie, and that walk-on roles are being offered to L.A. residents. Of course, there are some folks who aren't really a fan of low budget action/science fiction movies, or of the actress, Samantha Burns, for that matter. It seems that such people can drone on and on forever about it, unless someone does something about it.
Well, I, for one, think that a chance to be a walk-on in this new movie could be lots of fun. It's also a great way to get the family out of the house for the day, and a means for people to interact as a group. I'm not a member of the cast, but I'll offer a shameless plug in this editorial, because I believe that Samantha Burns and Execution Force are worth the time. She'll be waiting for you when they film at ((insert time and location here, I leave it vague this way to fit things according to how plot plays out)). Do show up!

((Amenti, and anyone else with working knowledge of what is going on in the plot so far, may make an Intelligence + the greater of Academics or Enigmas, difficulty of 5, for what they read in this little article.))
[Submitted by Vil]

A Strange Editorial on the Downtown Classifieds
Posted by Galileos Lens on Sunday 09 October 2016 - 16:56:29
A Tragedy-Spreading Cancer Eating Los Angeles
by StayAtHomeMom112@tmail.org
Although certain individuals in the greater Los Angels area make great strides at the pretence of virtue, in order to insinuate themselves further into the trust of the unsuspecting masses, like it or not, such unscrupulous parasites are preying upon the public trust. They could be police. Or they might council battered women. Even be playing vigilante. Whatever their charade, the game's always the same. Pretend to be one of the "good guys". That's how it always starts.
My gut says that they're like cockroaches. Keep killing them, and they keep coming back. In this case, I mean it figuratively, but the analogy fits all too well. No matter how much you expose these kind of vermin for what they are, they continue to fester within society. It's sad that we live in a world where one has to question the intentions behind good, no, seemingly good, deeds.
Evil has always been its worst and most successful when it's adorned itself with the guise of compassion. Today, there are people, in one way, shape, or form, in the public's trust, who belong in mental institutions and prisons. Given my own personal experiences with such predatory individuals, I urge readers to be vigilant, so that their good natures don't get the better of them, as happened to me.
Naturally, we want to trust people that do nice things. Once upon a time, this was a luxury that we had, for while there were always the more unscrupulous among us, more often than not, an act of kindness was just what the name implied. Sadly, some of the parasitic types among us adapted well to the society in which we find ourselves. Through a carefully-orchestrated public relations scheme, they position themselves in and around the halls of power, and we have to ask ourselves: To what end?
Tonight, as I write this, fearful for the future of my family, having to live in a city with so many problems, only to have such opportunistic swine working so hard to make it worse, and with the thanks of the general public, no less! If even one reader comes away with this with a solid understanding of the problem that I'm illustrating and becomes more cautious, then this little editorial rant has served its purpose.
I only hope that some of these more undesirable types will reconsider their dedication to such hopelessness. They would do well to recognise the futility of it, and they'd stop endangering themselves and those around them. Certainly, if a humble actress can see them for what they are, then they might be able to see it in themselves? Alas, I see them for what they are, a reoccurring pestilence.

((Amenti, Wraiths, and anyone possessing Mummy Lore or Wraith Lore of 3+ may make roll of Intelligence + the greater of either Academics or Enigmas, at a difficulty of 7, if your character reads this.))
[Submitted by Vil]

Butterflies on the Wall
Posted by Galileos Lens on Sunday 25 September 2016 - 23:44:00
Word spread swiftly; the Iron Archer has struck again. First the assassination of a Baron down the coast not long before Midsummer, and now two Sluagh killed while taking High Tea of all things! Madame Grey and Theodotus Blackmoor are no more, and the the fae of Los Angeles are afraid.

Road Rage at Movie Shoot
Posted by Galileos Lens on Sunday 25 September 2016 - 16:41:34
Onlookers, both locals and paid extras, were shocked and horrified at the sight of a black Toyota Corolla, which sped out of an alley, made a sharp left, and then an erratic right up onto the sidewalk, when it turned around the corner of ((address will be edited in after I talk to Mike, for now, please excuse "Street A and Street B")). The car hit several people before speeding off. Most were only superficial injuries, but there was one fatality, and one victim is listed as being in critical condition.
Five year-old Jeremy Sharp was pronounced dead at the scene, while his mother, Amanda Sharp, was rushed to surgery and now remains in intensive care. At this time, her condition is listed as critical, and Child Protective Services are attempting to find Jeremy's next closest adult relatives, in case Amanda doesn't pull through. At this time, no suspects have been named by police. The only statement from the LAPD was that the matter is being investigated.
[Submitted by Vil]

Freak Lightning Storm
Posted by Galileos Lens on Friday 22 July 2016 - 23:46:27
Many were dazzled, puzzled, and startled even by the freak electrical storm that came rolling down from the mountains east of Los Angeles, cutting a swath of brilliant destruction before dissipating near Whittier. Numerous lightning strikes were reported, including a truly amazing display described as the storm's death cries. The thunderclaps were said to be powerful enough to shake the earth, though some are already claiming this to be over-exaggeration.

Santa Monica Frog Rain
Posted by Galileos Lens on Saturday 18 June 2016 - 15:23:30
A rain of frogs hit Santa Monica on Thursday night, covering an area of about ten blocks with thousands of frogs. Scientists are baffled, noting both the wide variety of frog species, many from different locales, and the lack of animals OTHER than frogs. Many were killed during the rain or subsequent accidents, but a sizable number survived, some injured, some entirely unharmed. This is caused a field day for scientists, collectors, and others, who've been scooping them up and carting them away. The city, on the other hand is not as pleased, as they have to clear away the dead frogs, and often injured ones, and also deal with damages from motor vehicle accidents and property damage. Casualties, fortunately, have been kept to a minimum among the human population, with mostly minor injuries. There was one death due to a car crash, and one from a person who apparently licked a poison arrow frog.

In the umbra overhead, it is impossible to miss the swirling, dark storm clouds that lingers there...

The Return of Fear
Posted by Galileos Lens on Saturday 07 May 2016 - 17:08:25
Word spreads quickly that on Beltaine the infamous Iron Archer somehow escaped his cell in the depths of Caer Vaquero. None have seen him since, and it is uncertain if he actually is fully free or somewhere deeper in the Dreaming.

The Iron Archer is a name to strike fear into the hearts of any fae. A towering figure in iron armor, he struck down many with his immense bow and the iron rods he launched with it, ending not just their lives but their souls.

He was a bogeyman even before the terrible Malibu Magic Massacre. On Saturday, April 25th, in 2009, the Malibu Magic Convention, an exhibition of Sci-Fi and Fantasy paraphernalia that attracted a large number of Changelings, came under attack as the Archer distributed dozens of costume replicas of his armor to convention goers which appear to have been magically enchanted to drive the wearers mad at a given moment, releasing a pair of cold iron blades from the gauntlets of the armor. The magic involved appears to be of human origins, as fae magic surely would not function properly. Sixty-five people, a mixture of human and fae, were injured, some gravely, and nineteen died. Among the nineteen dead were eleven fae, gone for good. The remaining dead were seven enchanted humans killed by Changelings, and two humans who had come to the aid of the attacked and died in the process.

The event as long stood as an act of terrorism, with the mortal population believing that those in the suits were dosed with a hallucinogenic gas, and that leakage of that gas from the suits caused some of the wilder accounts told by others.

The Archer's capture not long after revealed him to be Troll Kinain, a madman convinced that the fae were demons and that he, as tainted bv them, must eradicate them all. He has been held prisoner ever since, and his sudden disappearance has all on high alert.

With this news coming in the midst of the controversy surrounding the treatment of Kinain, some point to his very existence as a reason why Kinain should be kept down under tight control, while others state that he is a fine example of what happens when Changelings neglect and ignore their kin.

Coming Soon: Vampire and Mage, The Quickening!
Posted by Tony on Friday 29 January 2016 - 19:03:08
So, more information in the forum post here: CLICK THE LINK, but I'm finally mentally capable of doing things again and being productive. So, tentatively tossing out there:

Saturday, February 6th: SOMETHING

I'll keep people posted if plans change.

EDIT: As explained on the new post on the link above, plans I thought were happening on Saturday during the day are actually happening Friday evening, so I've changed it just Saturday. I haven't decided on Vampire or Mage yet, but something will happen Saturday!

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