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A Fallen Hero
Posted by Hermione on Saturday 11 November 2017 - 09:06:39
On local news, and in the newspapers today the front-page news story is on the death of a local hero. One Detective Johnathan Wattly died last evening in failed robbery attempt of his home. He dead while selflessly defending several of the neighborhood children from at least two attackers. The motives of the attack are unclear, as are some of the details. Reports cite that Wattly engaged the suspects from his wheelchair while pleading for the children to run. During the struggle one of the gas lines was ruptured and the resulting explosion is thought to have killed Wattly and at least one of his attackers.

The mayor was quoted as saying, “Detective Wattly, is remembered today by a grateful city. He was responsible for helping reign the cities gang violence in the mid to late 90’s and was decorated several times for bravery. After his fateful injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down he continued to work as an advocate for several children’s charities and those supporting the families of fallen police officers. Thanks to this Wattly’s selfless actions these children were able to return home to their parents. As a result of his heroism and selfless service to the city, I have ordered all flags in the city limits to half-mast for the next three days to honor this great public servant, and hero.”

Investigations continue at the crime scene, but the motives of the attack are still unclear at this time. Agents from the FBI, ATF, and local gang specialists are reported to be on scene. However, no theories are being offered at this time. Local police report that that this investigation is now in the hands of the FBI which they are working with diligently to bring any of those responsible for this terrible crime to justice.

The six children involved in the incident are said to have been returned to their parents, and grief consolers from the FBI are meeting with them now to help understand what took place and to assist them with the trauma of the ordeal.

Services to honor to fallen hero will be open to the public next Friday starting at 4pm. It is reported his remains will be laid to rest with full honors by his fellow police officers and friends. It is expected the Mayor, the Police Chief, and other local officials are expected to attend.

Halloween Prank Gone Deadly Wrong [Live at Five]
Posted by fangwulf on Sunday 29 October 2017 - 20:43:28
Anchor: We go live to Diane in the heat of Downtown Los Angeles in a quiet neighborhood. Diane?

Diane: Thank you, Todd. Late Saturday night while a community celebrated the upcoming festivities, terror rocked the Huffman household. Timothy Huffman Jr., twenty, who goes by the name of 23r0prankzchannel on YouTube, had invited his friends over for a Halloween party and to witness his ultimate prank. A prank that would swiftly end the life of 22 year old Nathalie Justice, and wound several others. Sources say there had been a fight that broke out the previous night between Timothy and his parents, Dolores, 45, and Timothy Sr., 43. Police believe this is when he killed them with the family's hunting rifle, and sawed them limb from limb, leaving the bits and pieces in this freezer chest.

But this is not where this night of terror ends.

Last night, this young man, an Ivy League student, invited his friends over to witness his newest prank. Sources say they were drugged. Blindfolded and had animal masks glued over their heads. No one seemed to know prior going into the scenario. One man and one woman were found outside, with a lion and tiger mask on respectively, their wounds minorly treated by an anonymous good Samaritan so the ambulance had time to get to them. Both have been admitted to the [Local] Hospital, and are in stable condition.

Others were not so lucky. Justice, a Senior at [Prestigious University] and months away from earning her bachelor's degree, was found shot on the staircase. It is believed she tried to take off her mask and succeeded, as the skin was peeled away from her face with the adhesive in the mask. The time spent, however, led to her losing her life.

The entire incident was being streamed on the perpetrator's computer, through an alternate website. YouTube has disavowed knowledge and permanently banned the account.

The survivors, ranging from as young as sixteen to as old as twenty five are all in stable condition, being treated for abrasions and emotional trauma.

Back to you, Todd.

Green Mists of LA: Fightclub!
Posted by Galileos Lens on Monday 11 September 2017 - 06:25:06
Rippling through the underworld and underground fighting circles are rumours of a rather big spectacle event is being organised. Two fighters, a well known up and comer from back east known now simply as Fury against a local fighter known as The Kid.

Fury is an up and comer whom has made waves of rising to the top over the past few months taking out fighters left and right, with an unbeaten winning streak he has risen to being one of the most infamous (Or famous) pit fighters around. His fighting style to those whom have observed is violent, brutal and to the point with nothing off the table, much to the enjoyment of all who observe.

This fight is said to be organised within an Arena specially set aside for such a grudge match and allot of money is being placed on the line, the Pot is a winner takes all pot with it rumoured to have crossed into Six Figures.

This information is available to anyone with Influence: Underworld (Or similar applicable Influences) Contacts or allies in the underworld OR Streetwise of at least 3. Anyone wanting more information toss me a PM!)
[Submitted by Krajin]

Suicide Rocks Community in East LA
Posted by fangwulf on Wednesday 06 September 2017 - 14:20:51
In the early morning of Wednesday September sixth, a body was discovered on South Ditman Avenue, having allegedly lept from the top story of the Pacific Heights apartment complex. The building has been long since condemned, awaiting permits from the city to tear it down.

"We are currently investigating this as a suicide," police chief Abraham Braun, a veteran of the East LA police department, said early this morning as the area was taped off. "There was no note left but residents have no reason to fear this is a sign of gang violence. There is no sign of a struggle from the jump point, nor was there any sign of break-in outside of the building outside of an opened basement door.
I urge all residents to go back to your homes. In the meantime, for the young people considering suicide, I urge you to seek help before taking this route. This is not the answer."

Sources say, despite his words, the police have not ruled out homicide.

Missing Children Case From 2014 Bittersweet Ending
Posted by fangwulf on Thursday 24 August 2017 - 12:05:08
Elly and Simon Horton had gone missing while their mother was in the hospital under treatment for glioblastoma. To her last breath, she promised she would never stop looking for her children. Today, in a heartbreaking and startling discovery, six year old Elly was found alive on the fourth floor of a local hospital. Authorities and hospital officials are stunned. The hospital had been swept top to bottom with no sign of the children.

In a tragic twist, Simon's remains were found with her. Authorities have not released a statement about what they believed happened.

"I only know," Kenneth Horton, the children's father said in a statement, with clear emotion, "that I'm so happy to have Elly back. I'm hoping we can get past this horrible event and get back to being a family."

Elly has been put into psychiatric care to address severe post traumatic stress symptoms.

Strange Behavior in Wake of Solar Eclipse
Posted by Galileos Lens on Monday 21 August 2017 - 13:24:44
Monday saw the first solar eclipse to cross the entire continental United States from coast to coast since 1918. And while many were looking to the skies, some seem to have been strangely affected by it. Reports have come in across the U.S. of spontaneous and unusual behavior by eclipse watchers. Most simply stopped watching and wandered or even ran off, disappearing to the befuddlement of friends and relatives. Others exhibited a marked change in behavior. The concentration of these events seems strongest along the path of totality, radiating outward along the course the sun's shadow took. Experts are at a loss to explain what some are dubbing "Eclipse Sickness."

While all of the country lies within the path of the eclipse, the path of totality will pass well to the north, with the maximum in Los Angeles being a lot like a classic crescent moon in shape. There will be incidents of this sort in Los Angeles; though significantly fewer in number percentage-wise than in areas closer to the full shadow, the sheer volume of the population will make it a widely-known occurrence, and the affluence of the area means that many more will have made the trip north or east to see the full eclipse.

On another curious note, there are numerous verified reports that clouds and storms which would have blocked out the eclipse seem to have dissipated in most of the country long enough for it to be visible.

(( In game terms, expect mysteries across several game lines. If you wanted to be a Changeling returned or Mage awakened because of the eclipse, speak to the appropriate ST. And expect... surprises. ))

Strange Behavior in Wake of Solar Eclipse

A Taghairm Is Called
Posted by Galileos Lens on Sunday 13 August 2017 - 23:36:07
al'Masri's Cafe is politely spreading the word that a Taghairm has been called and will be held within the week. The cafe will be closed to outsiders for the night for an 'event', a wedding. There will be an actual kinfolk wedding taking place downstairs while the Taghairm occurs upstairs.

All invited. Neutrality is guaranteed.

The Taghairm is to fall on the evening of the 2nd.

(( For those new to it, a Taghairm is a little like a Bastet moot. It is a neutral meeting ground sanctified by rituals and protected by the spirits. A Taghairm is a way to settle disputes, share information, and brag. They're much less formal than a Garou moot, and aren't called as frequently. ))

A Taghairm Is Called

Huntington Library and Secrecy
Posted by Galileos Lens on Sunday 13 August 2017 - 23:33:01
People seem to have forgotten that the main method most supernaturals use to hide is secrecy. The mage chantries of the city in particular make use of this method. I recently had to retcon and disavow several scenes because somebody forgot this. The following post goes into detail:

Huntington Chantry Policies

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